Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cloth rocks, disposables leak.

I absolutely love my cloth diapers.  I love the cute patterns, the extra fluff, the money in my pocket and lack of disposables in landfills.  My mom, on the other hand, hates cloth diapers.  She claims they leak, are too difficult and cost more than they save.  We're constantly in a sort of 'contest' on which is better.  I am 100% confident that I
made the best choice for my daughter, but it always feels good to be reminded why cloth is better.  Today, I got a little reminder on why a disposable can't compare to a cloth diaper.

My mom bought quite a few boxes of disposable diapers before we made the switch to cloth.  She wasn't happy about me switching, so I agreed to let her use up the rest of the diapers she had bought.  This morning, I sent Midge over to Grandma's in a cloth diaper.  Tonight, she was returned to me in a disposable.  Within about 5 minutes, Midge started to make her pooping face.  I waited a few minutes, then went to change her.  Not only did she she appear to have peed right through the diaper (her pants were wet but the diaper barely was), but there was poop right out the back of the diaper.  It meant that I had to clean up a whole lot of poop and change her clothes, but I celebrated a tiny win inside.  That never happens in cloth!  

Cloth diapers: 1
Disposable diapers: 0

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