Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Going 'poo-free! Day 1

When I say 'poo, I don't mean poop.  I'm talking about shampoo!  That's right, I am going to STOP washing my hair with shampoo.  If you're still reading, it isn't as gross as it sounds.  I'm still going to clean my hair, but without the harsh chemicals found in shampoo.

Like many people, I'm trying to cut out as many unnecessary chemicals as possible,
but for me, going 'poo-free is about more than that.  To sum things up, my hair is unmanageable.  Not only do I deal with tangling, snarling, and the inability to hold any kind of style, but I am also battling dandruff.  Ew, I know.  I've had horrible dandruff since about 4th grade, but it's something that never gets easier.  I'm hoping that going 'pooless will not only  help my hair, but also my scalp.

If you're subbed to a lot of crunchy blogs or are a natural mommy yourself, you're probably already heard a lot about no-pooing.  I'll be doing it the baking soda and apple cider vinegar way.  If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, the concept is very simple.  Instead of washing my hair with shampoo, I'll use a mixture of 1 Tablespoon baking soda per 1 cup of water.  For conditioner, I'll use 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per 1 cup water.  I'm also going to add a few drops of tea tree oil to each mixture, to (hopefully) help fight the dandruff.

Due to the slightly embarrassing nature of this post, I will not be posting any pictures for right now.  Today, I washed my hair 'pooless for the first time!  Before I showering, I made sure to brush my hair very well.  I always do this before a shower, but I took extra care today.  Once I was in the shower, I soaked my hair and grabbed my squirty bottle of no-poo-shampoo.  Well, it wasn't actually a squirty bottle.  I didn't have one on hand, so instead I'm using one of my daughter's old sippy cups that isn't spill proof.  Anyway.  Because the sippy isn't spill proof, I just tipped it over my head and rubbed in the baking soda mix.  I focused on my roots, but still worked a little into the length of my hair.  My hair is pretty long, easily past my mid-back, but I only used about 1/4 a cup of baking soda/water.  Once it was all rinsed out, I did the same with the vinegar/water, but I didn't work it into my roots so much.  I ended up using about as much ACV/water as baking soda/water.

After my shower, while my hair was still wet, it did smell a little like vinegar and mint.  Now that it has dried, it has no smell!  It seems to have come perfectly clean.  It isn't dry or greasy.  Unfortunately, I did not notice an immediate change or discrease in my dandruff :(  I didn't really expect to, but it would have been nice!  If anything, I think my dandruff may actually have gotten worse.  My thinking is that this has happened either because the baking soda is stripping it away, or because I didn't rub/scrub my scalp enough.  Either way, I'll be doing more rubbing next time and will hopefully see better results soon.

This is only day one, so I won't be washing again until the day after tomorrow or later.  Look for an update post soon!

Are you going poo-free?  If you are, tell me about it in the comments!  If not, lets do it together!


  1. I am highly considering doing this! I currently use Garnier Fructis' Pure clean because it washes out well, leaves my hair weightless & smells like apples but I can't smell it after my hair is thoroughly rinsed. Its 94% biodegradable & the bottle is even made from recycled plastic. I have a lot of hair(it hasn't been cut since early september)& its down a little past my middle back. I'm around 5ft 5-5ft 6. My question is though, since your stripping your hair, if you use this product repeatedly, will it damage your hair? I've heard that too much stripping can cause severe dryness

    1. I've heard negative things about both sides. Just like anything, if it isn't done right it can cause problems. I'm still doing some reading, but from what I can tell, going 'pooless should not cause dry hair unless you're doing it wrong. There is usually an 'adjustment phase' for a few weeks where your hair might freak out while it's getting used to not being scrubbed every day, but after that it should be smooth sailing. I'm no expert but I believe I've heard not to wash with baking soda more than every 2 days, and not to use too much or it can cause dryness. The ACV rinse is supposed to fight that part.
      If you want to try it, go for it! I'd love to hear how it's going for you. Give it a month and if at the end of that month you aren't happy, you can go back to your regular shampoo like it never happened.