Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's talk about flats!

I'm planning to do a short mini-series on flat diapers in the near future.  One part of this will be a post on frequently (or not so frequently) asked questions on flats.  What are some questions YOU have about flats?  Basic questions, uncommon questions, specific questions, it doesn't matter. Now's the time to ask!  You can comment on this post, ask on our wall on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, or even send me an email (blogsfromasinglemom@gmail.com).  It doesn't matter how you ask, just get those questions to me!  There are no stupid questions ;)  Then check back later this week (you can subscribe to our RSS feed or by email to make sure you don't miss anything) and see your questions answered.  Let's get interactive!

1 comment:

  1. Easiest way to prep flats?
    Can you bleach them?
    How to strip them?
    Make your own?
    Which brand has better quality flats?
    What is the easiest/most effective folds for flats?