Monday, March 18, 2013

Going 'poo-free! Day 7

I'm going shampoo free!  Day 1 of my no-poo journey can be found here.  Day 3 can be found here.

Well, today is Day 7, meaning it has been more than a week since I used shampoo!  If you have been keeping up, you probably read that on Day 3 I was pretty unhappy with it.  To be honest, I'm a lot happier than I was then.  My hair is still getting used to it,
but it doesn't feel near as gross and dirty as it did a few days ago.  Score!  So far I haven't noticed much of a decrease in my dandruff.  It isn't as bad as it was when I first started, but still worse than before I started.  Other than that, my hair is a little dryer than I'm used to but is otherwise very nice.  It's so much easier to brush that I want to do a little dance!

I'm not sure how I feel about it so far.  It is making my dandruff worse, which is a problem and it defeats the purpose of switching.  My hair is still a bit more oily than I would like, but I don't think it's adjusted yet.  I don't know yet if I'll keep up with it or go back to shampoo, but the next few weeks are looking like they'll be much easier than this week.

Are you wondering why I'm doing this?  Stick around, I'll be posting the benefits of not using shampoo soon!

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