Friday, April 5, 2013

My Cloth Diaper Stash

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 If you've been following me, you might remember my post last month about my daughter's first cloth diapers
The first cloth diaper I ever put on my daughter was a Babies R Us prefold, accompanied my some pins and a lovely cover composed of plastic.  I was in a hurry to start using cloth, and hesitant to order anything online.  They served their purpose...sort of.  I was happy to receive some Flip covers in the mail, and move on from there.

We have since found a system that works a little better.  I love and use everything from flats to pockets to covers to wool.  Our stash has grown to include more than 12 prefolds, 3 sets of pins and 3 pairs of plastic pants.  Want to take a look?

As usual, please excuse my photography.  It's obvious by now that I am not a photographer.  I barely even know how to turn the camera on.

I just want to say that you do not need this many cloth diapers to diaper one child.  24 diapers is plenty!  There's nothing wrong with having a bigger stash, though.  Having a large rotation means you wear the diapers down less, can go longer without washing, are less likely to run out of clean diapers, and (if you're like me and love colors) you might even have a diaper that matches every outfit.

There are a few missing, since there's one on the baby and a couple hiding in the diaper bag and my car, but here's a general idea of how many I have.
 26 pockets, 5 PUL covers, 3 wool covers, 10 flats, and 10 fitteds (most of which are play condition).
I also have more inserts than I can count, a few leftover prefolds, and a couple of snappis.  My stash is still growing, and always changing.

That's what's in my stash.  What's in yours?   


  1. This is my stash post! I have way more than I need.

  2. Having more than needed is a common problem these days--cloth diapers are just so cute now! We love our small stash of GMD prefolds and Thirsties covers.