Saturday, April 20, 2013

Plantaholics Anonymous; Why I Love Plants

“It won’t be long before you’re going to have to start going to ‘Plantaholics Anonymous meetings!”  My grandma told me this today, on our way home from Lowes.  I had bought two live plants (an ivy plant and an asparagus plumosus) as well as a carnivorous plant terrarium kit.  I added these plants to my ‘collection’, which includes peace lilies, catnip, a small moss terrarium, three air plants, numerous germinating seeds from various fruits and several outdoor plants.  Am I a plant-aholic?  Maybe.

I have recently discovered a love for plants.  I love house plants and outdoor plants.  Plants that produce food, and plants that to do not.  Plants that flower, and plants that don’t.  Within the past few weeks, I have found a love for all plants, not just because of what they can do for me, but also because of what I can do for them.

Within the past few months, I’ve come down with a strong case of ‘baby fever’, meaning I have an urge to reproduce.  Despite the fact that I could not possibly have another child right now and already have a 10 month old, my baby fever prevails.  I feel like I need something to love and nurture.  I need to watch something grow a little every day, and know that something needs me.  Having plants helps with my baby fever because it allows me to project all those feelings onto something.  It gives me something to care for, in place of a newborn.  We all need something to mother every now and again.

I spend a lot of time working in my garden or working with my house plants, especially when I'm feeling down.  Sometimes I take my daughter with me.  I wear her on my back, and use that time to bond with her while she learns about the outside world.  I let her watch me while I work.  I let her gently touch things and smell the fragrance of flowers.  I hope as time goes one, my daughter will continue to love plants like I do, and we can use them to strengthen our bonds with each other.

I’m grateful to have found a new love and passion for all things green.  Just like having a child, being a plant parent can be challenging, but also immensely rewarding.  Hopefully, taking care of my plant babies will urge my ovaries to quiet down for a bit, until the time is right to have another baby.  Until then, I think I’ll skip the plantaholics anonymous meetings, and spend some more time in the garden instead.

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