Thursday, May 23, 2013

How About Handwashing?

I'm taking the Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  I'll be using only flats and Handwashing them all week.

I've tried to keep my wash routine as simple as possible, and so far it's working well.  I wash one or two diapers at a time, usually right after they come off the baby.  I didn't buy anything to use for washing diapers this week.  Instead, I'm washing in my sink.  Yepp, thats where the magic has been happening all week.  

I rinse each diaper individually under running water, until the water runs clean.  Then I plug the sink, add a little ( and I mean a LITTLE or it takes forever to rinse) Ecos, add in the diaper and get washin'.  I squeeze the diaper, swish it around, knead it, ring it out and start again.  If the water turned a light shade of YUCK and the diaper still doesn't smell clean after a few minutes of washing, I empty and sink and wash again.  If the diaper smells clean and the water isn't too yucky looking, it's time to rinse!  I drain the sink and rinse the diaper under running water until most of the bubbles are gone. Once I think it's rinsed, I rinse again.  When in doubt, rinse again. Then I wring the diaper out as best as I can, and hang it on a drying rack in my room.  The magic happens there,  too.  Then whole magical process takes maybe 15 minutes of washing and several hours of drying.

I'll be happy to have my washer back soon, but if I ever need to hand wash again, I'll easily be able to.  So far, I'm glad I'm doing the Challenge. 

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