Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How Much Did I Spend?

 I'm doing the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!  I'll be using nothing but flat diapers and covers to diaper my 11 month old, and my own two hands to wash them.  No washer.  No dryer.  No problem. Click here to read my post on Day 1, which is about WHY I'm doing the Challenge.
 So far, so good!  I've already handwashed twice and I don't have any complaints about it.  Well, except that Midge wants to play in the bathtub with the diapers when I'm rinsing them.  But let's move on to today's prompt, shall we?
What Am I Using?

9 receiving blankets
1 Thirsties size medium cover
2 Flip one-size covers
1 Wolbybug one-size cover
1 home-made wool cover
2 Snappis
Instead of using a bucket and plunger to wash diapers, I opted to simply was them in my bathroom sink or in my bathtub.
How Much Did I Spend?
Well, I already had everything I needed to do the Challenge, but I did have to buy it all at some point.

Receiving blankets-  1.50 x 9 = 13.50$
Covers- (11$ x 2) + (14$ x 2) + 3$ = 53$
Snappis- 6$
TOTAL: 72.50$
It is absolutely possible to cloth diaper for cheaper than that.  You can make your own wool covers for 1$ each or less by shopping at your local thrift store or Goodwill for wool sweaters.  Our local Goodwill has '10 Items for 10$' Days (maybe they all do) once a month, and I go and stock up then.  With a large sweater, you can easily get 2 toddler-sized covers, and you can get twice as many small covers.  You can spend another 10$ on XL cotton t-shirts (or raid your closet), then cut them in half to make two flats from each shirt!  Who knew you could diaper a child for 20$?

If you're taking the Challenge, how are you doing?  How much did you spend?


  1. Hey! Looks like you are doing well, congrats! Me and my 5 month old have done 2 bucket washes and are trying to do wash-as-they-come-off sink washings today. So far so good. :-D

    I spent about $55 being very VERY careful, buying used, using hand-me-downs and bartering for whatever I could.

    I would LOVE to hear how you made you wool cover. I have a Goodwill sweater just waiting to be remade.

    1. I used the Katrina's soaker pattern and added sleeves to the leg holes to make longies. I plan on doing my own tutorial in the future.

      And congrats to you too! Good luck this week.

  2. I got what I needed from the dollar store. lol. I already use flats and covers... I could do it with less, but I just am using what I have (I pretty much use flats exclusively anyway) instead of putting things away. The majority of my stash is fsts and receiving blankets. I did get 2 bamboo blend flats (imagine) off of a swap page to try and I am in flat love with them... :) I could totally have done this challenge for less than $50 just because I'm cheap and buy so much of my stuff used. lol. :)

    I second the wool cover post. :) That would be super cool if you could share what pattern you used! I'm learning to sew this summer and I have a bunch of old sweaters from thrift stores that I used at the ugly sweater competition parties. lol.

    1. I will definitely get a tutorial posted! I'm getting my sewing machine out this week so I'll try to get one up soon.

  3. I really wanted to use wool covers, but our flats are so thin they just didn't work well with the style of wool covers I own. I'm hoping to buy a wool wrap and use that while camping this summer :).