Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Urbun Sprout SproutWrap Fitted Flat

   Disclaimer:  I received one or more free products to review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  I was not required to post a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Last week, many of us took the Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  You may have learned that you love how quickly flats dry, but don't find them absorbent enough and miss the fit of a fitted.  Maybe you love that they are one-size, but Daddy has trouble folding them and can't work a snappi to save his life.  If that sounds like you, you might consider something like a flat/fitted hybrid.

This 'fitted flat' diaper from Urbun Sprout fits babies from approximately 6 to 40 pounds and has a 4-step snap rise.  I tested this out by snapping the diaper as small as it would go and as large and it would go, and it really does go from very tiny to pretty big!  I didn't have any newborn diapers to compare, but this diaper goes smaller than my OS pockets on the smallest setting and it is close to the same size as the same OS diaper on the largest setting.

 This 'fitted flat' diaper is a square-shaped and is cut to be folded into the shape of a diaper, giving you more layers in the wet zone.  It also has elastic in the back and legs, giving you the speedy drying of a flat with the fit of a fitted diaper.  A snake-style snap in soaker is included, in case you need an extra boost.

To fold the diaper, start with the diaper layed flat.  Then, take these little flaps here

and fold them like this.  Then, fold the top part down, adjusting the height of the diaper to fit your child.

My daughter used the second smallest setting, so I fold the first two rows of snaps in.  Once you have the right snap setting exposed, you can fold in the excess on each side.

My daughter is on the second set of snaps for the rise, though she could also fit the third set if I liked a higher rise.  Right now, she seems to be between waist snaps.  Using all three waist snaps makes the diaper a little snug, but using only two makes it too loose, so we took the lesser of two evils and are going with snug instead of loose.  Right now, no snap studs are exposed.  However, if you have an older baby, you might find that one snap stud is exposed in the waist.  That's where these two Sprouleaf snap covers might come in handy.  You simply snap them over the exposed studs and make the diaper more comfortable for your little one.

I was surprised how well the Fitted Flat fit my Midge.  I did find the front to be a little bulky when using the extra soaker, but the back was very trim.  The elastic really does make for a great fit, so I'm happy to let her run around coverless without worrying about poop leaking out the legs.  With the help of the soaker, this diaper is absorbent enough to use overnight with a cover or coverless around the house during the day.  My daughter is an average wetter, and she is all set to use this diaper without the soaker with a cover, or with the soaker and without a cover.

 With the help of Midge's uncle, I have taken some pictures of my 21 pound 11 month old wearing this diaper with the soaker.

The front is a little bulky when using the soaker, but not terribly oversized.

Nice, snug legs thanks to the elastic!

Overall, I was happy with the Urban Sprout SproutWrap Fitted Flat diaper.  It held up well after washing, was even and well made, and functional as described.  While it might be a bit bulky, it works wonderfully and fits well on my skinny minny.  I would recommend this diaper to anyone who likes a quick drying diaper and likes the fit of a diaper with elastic.  If you want to try your own SproutWrap Fitted Flat, head on over to and use the code SPROUTWRAP113 for 15% off!

Urbun Sprout has also been kind enough to offer up a GIVEAWAY!  I know we all love giveaways.  If you're 18 years or older and live in the US or Canada, you can enter in the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is for a one-size SproutWrap Fitted Flat in the winner's choice of pattern, and there is no purchase necessary to enter.  Good luck, and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. A tip to reduce bulk in the front: Just fold over side flaps to center without folding them down. It will spread the absorbent layers out and toward the back. There is really no wrong way to fold it, but here is a photo guide:

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