Friday, May 17, 2013

Twig Terrarium Review and Giveaway

  Disclaimer:  I received one or more free products to review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  I was not required to post a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Twig Terrariums was started by two women, Michelle and Katy.  Both women had a passion for making unique moss terrariums and turned it into a business.  It's clear that the makers behind Twig love what they do, as it shows in the beauty and creativity of their terrariums.  Twig offers a good variety of high end moss terrariums ranging from 25$ for a do-it-yourself kit up to those costing several hundred dollars.  Twig offers DIY terrarium kits, readymade terrariums and even custom ones!  They offer a ton of different sizes and many amazing, unique scenes involving little people or animals in your terrarium.

I was sent Le Petit Singularite DIY kit from Twig terrarium, so I could make my own little green world.  The kit includes literally everything you need to make your own moss terrarium except water and sunlight.

My kit came packed lovingly in a box within a box with a ton of packing peanuts.

The kit comes with a little figurine, a small square glass terrarium with a cork, and four plastic baggies containing the ingredients for the terrarium.  The bags are labeled 1-4 in the order they go into your terrarium.  The kit also comes with simple, easy to follow instructions.

Bag number 4 is not pictured.  This bag contained the moss, which was soaking at the time I took this picture.  The tiny person included is also not pictured.

The instructions were clear and even included a little picture.  They were very easy to follow and this would be a great activity to do with your kids!

 Step 1: Take the moss out of bag 4 and soak it in water for at least three hours.  Feel free to take a nap during this time. 

Step 2: Add some of the rocks in bag 1.  Cover the bottom of the terrarium with them.
Note:  I wish I wouldn't have used all of the rocks!  I think one layer would have been more than enough.  This layer is just here to look pretty and give excess water somewhere to drain to so your soil doesn't become waterlogged.  There were a generous number of rocks included, which is great.  Better too many than too few.  However, please don't feel it is necessary to use all of everything!  I used way too many rocks and my terrarium quickly became crowded.  Use your judgement and keep in mind that you have probably been given more than you need.

Step 3: Take the contents of bag 2 and soak them in water for a minute, squeeze out the excess water, then dump the contents into the terrarium on top of the rocks  Smooth it out, make it even and press it down.  Once again, you may not need to use it all, but do make sure that you have a good layer of it.  This layer is there to keep the soil from falling down into the rocks, and it also helps retain a bit of moisture.

Step 4:  Add bag 3 into your terrarium.  It's pretty simple, just dump it in, spread it around and mist it with some water.  I obviously made a mess all over the sides of my glass jar, but that's alright.  It'll clean up later.

 Step 5:  This is the fun part!  Time to add your moss and decorate.  I was given two different kinds of moss.  It gave my terrarium a nice effect.  You can use the different mosses in any way you please.  I used one moss for most of my terrarium and the fluffy, hair-looking moss in one corner.

Then, you get to add your little person.  I was given a girl, I called her Mindy.  I also saved two rocks from bag 1 to add on top, so Mindy has somewhere to sit.

Then add your cork, and you're done!  Just place out of direct sunlight and mist with water once a week or once every few weeks.

Building my own terrarium with the help of the Petit Singularite DIY kit was really easy.  The directions were clear, more than enough 'ingredients' were provided, and everything was high quality.  The moss was amazing, and I liked the more than one type of moss was included.  I would suggest this kit to anyone, especially those with children! 

One lucky Blogs from a Single Mom reader is going to win his or her own Twig Terrarium Petit Singularite DIY kit!  Thanks to Twig for generously sponsoring this unique and fun giveaway.  This giveaway requires no purchase to enter and is open to anyone 18 years of age or older and residing in the US.  To enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below!  Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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  1. These are so cute! I've always wanted to try making a terrarium, but getting all the supplies together has kept me from actually doing it. I love that everything comes with this kit and you can design it how you want it.

  2. These look awesome! And they'd add just a little bit of cheer to my husband's desk at the office.

  3. Love them! I find that one of the most exciting parts of a terrarium is the container, but too many people choose simple/boring containers - nice find!