Monday, June 10, 2013

A Peek At My Stash: Wipeable Diaper Covers

   I've got through a lot of diapers in my 9 months of cloth diapering.  Prefolds, flats, pockets, AI2's fitteds...I've tried almost everything, excluding hybrid fitteds and AIO's.  I've fallen in and out of love with pockets, flats, fitteds, and prefold.  I bounce around.  Some days I prefer side snapping diapers and sometimes I prefer diapers that snap in front.  Sometimes, I wish I had all velcro instead.  One diapering accessory has survived every single cut I've had to make.  You couldn't pay me to get rid of my covers.

The first real cover I ever used was a Flip.  I have used them in both snaps and velcro, and I will always have one of each.  Snaps are for daytime, when Midge runs around without any pants on.  She can pull the aplix apart and take off a velcro diaper, but snaps are like tiny padlocks.  Velcro is for nighttime, when I need to make sure I get a really good fit in the waist.  Flips are no longer my favorite cover, but I'll always have a few around.  They were the first covers I ever tried, and while they aren't perfect, they're beautifully functional and a little sentimental.

After Flips, I fell in love with Thirsties Cloth Diapers.  What I really love about them is the double gussets.  They were great at containing explosive breastfed poops, and I feel like they help keep peepee from wicking at the inner leg.  Thristies does not make a one-size diaper cover.  Instead, they offer both sized covers  'duo' covers.  The 'duo' covers are a two-sized system.  Size 1 fits from about 6-18 pounds and size 2 fits from 18-40 pounds.  These duo covers are nice and roomy, great for over a bulky fitted.  My favorite of the Thristies Diapers are the sized covers, because they're so trim and always fit great.

Last but not least, Wolbybug covers come into play.  Unfortunately, Mr. Wolbug is MIA right now and not available for pictures.  These are my absolute favorite covers for doing the pad fold with a flat or trifolding a prefold.  The back flap on the inside of this cover, unlike the Flip covers, has elastic to hold an insert into place.  This is very convineint because it allows me to fold a flat and and lay it in the cover without it shifting around, so I can pack them for Midge when I send her to grandma's house.

I've tried several other wipeable PUL covers, and so far these three are my favorites.  They're the only three so far that have survived destashes and have a permanent spot in my diaper drawer.

What's your favorite wipeable diaper cover?

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