Friday, June 28, 2013

"Help! I Want To Start Cloth Diapering...Where Do I Start?"

Cloth diapering can be a little overwhelming at first.  Most of us start off confused, unsure, and seeking guidance.  There are so many different styles of diapers out there, figuring out where to start can be a real headache!  I frequently see mothers asking more experienced cloth diapering moms, "Where do I start?"  But before you ask others where you should start, you might want to ask yourself  a few questions.

1. WHY do I want to start cloth-diapering?  To save money?  To save the planet?  Because they're cute?  Because you want to put something nicer than disposables on the baby's bum?  All of the above, or something else? 

2. What is my budget?  Okay, you don't need to give an exact number.  But if you're looking to start as dirt cheap as possible, let people know when you ask them for help.  If your budget isn't quite that strict, let them know!

3. How 'easy' do my diapers need to be?  I use the word 'easy' loosly, here.  No matter what type of diaper you're using, they can all be easy to use.  Some, however, take a little extra work to put on, and daycares or grandmas may not like this.  

4. What kind of environment am I living in?  How often do I want to wash?  This can have a big impact on what kind of, and how many, diapers you are going to want.  If you have hard water, you are probably going to need advice from other hard-water-havin mamas on what kind of soap to use.  If you want to dry all of your diapers outside on the line, you're probably going to favor thinner diapers, especially if you live in a humid climate.  

Just asking yourself these few questions can really help you get an idea of what direction to head in.  Getting started can seem hard at first, but sitting down and thinking a little about what direction you want to go in can help slim down your choices and open your eyes.  Letting other mamas know the answers to these questions when you're asking where to start, what type of diaper to buy or how many, can really help them help you!



  1. I knew that I wanted to start with cloth because cloth is cheaper in the long run and because cloth is so much cuter. I also like that cloth is greener.

  2. It is quite overwhelming!

    With my first child, I simply used only pre-folds (I bought the newborn size and padfolded instead of pinning when baby grew) and one-size covers, because it was the cheapest route. They worked well for us and I would recommend any new cloth diapered to start there.

    However, with child #2, I got sucked into the modern cloth diapers. I tried over a dozen different styles and brands before I knew what worked for us. Cloth diapers had a good resale value though :-)

  3. I remember being so overwhelmed! I was hung up on finding "the best" without understanding that "the best" will vary by child and even at a child's stage.

  4. ok, this is perfect. I was telling my husband that we need to put our infant in cloth diapers to cut back on cost. Diapers are so expensive. I was one that had no clue where to start and you have been such a big help on this. I really love your blog and it is very helpful. Thank you