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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yabbly Amazon CASH Giveaway!

Yabbly is an online community of thoughtful, kind and helpful people who help each other make great purchasing decisions everyday. They were finalists in SxSW 2013 in the social category and are a top 3 search result in "product reviews" on the iPhone app store. Now we all know how hard it is to get to the top 10 in the eyes of Apple. So that is pretty big news. Get the Yabbly App today. It's free! The Yabbly philosophy is that the best purchasing decisions are made through dialogue with actual people who have made similar decisions recently. They believe that one of the main frustrations about online shopping today is that averaging a bunch of reviews just doesn't cut it, and you're left buying a product and simply hoping for the best. Breakdown on how Yabbly works and you will see why it works for you, you and yes, even you:

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Menstrual Cupapalooza! Review of the LadyCup

Welcome back to my Menstrual Cup Series!  Don't forget to read the first post in the series, Menstrual Cup FAQ.
And my review for the Keeper cup.

Meet the LadyCup.

The LadyCup is a reusable menstrual cup made with medical grade silicone in Europe under Swiss management.  These cups come in a ton of fun colors, with more color choices than I have seen on any other website.  I picked the Lilac cup, and it was not as bright as the photo on the website but still very true to color.

The LadyCup  comes in two sizes:  S(mall), for women who have not given birth to a child or are under the age of 25, and L(arge) for women who have had a child or are 25 years old or older.  Size L measures about 53 mm long without the stem and 46 mm wide at the rim.  The stem on the LadyCup is much shorter than that of the Keeper cup, which I reviewed last week.  The stem is hollow, and both the stem and the base of the cup are covered in very small bumps, which make the cup easier to grip and remove.  

I would consider the rim of the LadyCup to be about a medium in softness.  It's very easy to fold, even trickier folds, but pops open easily as well.  I have found that the punch down fold did not work for me with the LadyCup.  The rim was not firm enough to open from this fold, no matter how much I coaxed it.  The c fold, however, did work very nicely with little to no effort in getting the cup to open after letting go of it.

The holes on the LadyCup are a little different than on the other cups I have tried.  Instead of all being directly or slightly under the rim of the cup, the holes on this cup very in height.  Some are directly under the rim, but every other hole is slightly lower.  I'm not sure what the purpose of this is, but it didn't cause any difficulties using the cup.  This can lower the maximum volume of the cup for some, but because the cup is not slim and streamlined it still has a good maximum volume.

With my LadyCup, I also received a few free samples.  One small tester package of water based lubrication, to help with inserting the cup.  One package containing a sanitary wipe, for wiping the cup instead of rinsing it when in public, and one small sanitizing tablet.  I the idea of the sanitary wipe for cleaning the cup while out in public.  Though I have never had to empty my cup anywhere but my home, I did test out the sanitary wipe and it worked wonderfully.  I have no complains about any of the samples I received.  They all did exactly what they were supposed to do.

Overall, I love my LadyCup.  It's one of my personal favorites.  It's well-made, feels very high quality, and the color choices are great.  Personally, I love the medium softness of the rim and the medium-length body of the cup.  I would recommend it to anyone with a low or average height cervix, someone who likes to have a little more to hang on to without ridges that can irritate, and a women who loves a pop of color.

You can get your own LadyCup HERE.  They sell multiple different packs so you can choose exactly what you want!

Don't forget to stop in again next Monday for another menstrual cup review and giveaway!

I received one or more products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion on them.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or compensated for my review.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pink Blush Maternity giveaway!

Pink Blush Maternity has affordable and stylish looks for pregnant and nursing women. It's always so hard to find stylish and cute clothing when pregnant, or even nursing, but Pink Blush has your Back.  Best part is they have LOW prices!
Check out Everything Mommyhood's review of the Colorblock Crochet Maxi Dress.
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Disclosure: This blog was not compensated for promotion of the giveaway. Everything Mommyhood received a product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own, and were not influence in any way. This blog and Everything Mommyhood is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platforms. Only one entrant per household may enter.

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Brew Over Ice Prize Pack Giveaway

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I have one of these and it is my favorite coffee maker.  It's quick, easy and convenient.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How I Wash My Cloth Diapers

Washing cloth diapers is obviously an essential part of cloth diapering your baby.  Finding the right wash routine for you can take a little bit of trial and error if this is your first time cloth diapering or you have moved to a new location.  Things like your water hardness, what kind of water you have, how often you wash and even the makeup of your baby's waste can all have an impact on what wash routine will work best for you.

So, how do I wash my cloth diapers?

I start by removing any solid waste from my daughter's diapers as soon as they come off her bum, if there is any.  Dirty diapers go straight to the toilet, where I 'plop' the poo off if possible.  Otherwise, I let them soak in the toilet and then swish.  They then go into a basket in the bathroom.  Wet diapers go right into a basket in the bedroom, right next to the changing table.

Every 3-4 days, I do diaper laundry.  Get ready, washing machine!  Here we come!

Step 1: I remove all the inserts from my pocket diapers, secure the velcro to my tabs on all my diaper covers, and unfold any flats I've used.  Then they go into the washing machine for a 'quick wash' with vinegar and no soap.

Step 2:  Next comes the wash cycle, soap included.  I have an HE machine that allows me to manually set the water level, so I always set it to  'large' and the 'whites' setting, so it washes them in hot water.  I also turn the dial so it rinses them a second time.  I add in little bit (slightly less than the recommended amount) of Ecos soap to get them squeaky clean, press the button and off they go.

Step 3: Once the wash cycle with soap is done, I take out a few diapers and stiff  them.  If they smell like nothing, meaning no yucky smell and no soap smell, they go into the dryer.  If they smell like soap, they go back into the washer for another rinse.  If they still stink, they go back in for another wash cycle with soap.  Usually they smell dryer-ready and no Step 3.5 is needed.

Step 4:  When everything is all clean and smell-free, the diapers go into the dryer.  I used to line-dry them outside, but summer is extremely rainy where I live and if I even think about putting them outside it starts pouring.  I tried drying them inside on a drying rack a few times too, but my kitty thought the dangling PUL covers looked like cool toys and put holes in my favorite cover, so dryer it is!  Everything goes into the dryer with a few Woolzies Dryer Balls for about 10 minutes.  After the 10 minutes is up, I take out the pockets and covers (anything with PUL) and lay them on the dryer.  They're usually completely dry by this point but if they're a little damp that's fine, I just lay them flat to finish drying.  I give my fitteds and inserts another 20 minutes and ta-da!

That's how I wash my cloth diapers.  I have water that is of average hardness and use Ecos soap.  But what works for me might not work for you.  It's important to play around a little when trying to find a wash routine if yours isn't working.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Menstrual Cupapalooza! Review of the Keeper and Moon Cup (GIVEAWAY!)

Welcome back to the Menstrual Cupapalooza!  Don't forget to read the first post in this series all about menstrual cups, the FAQ post.

Say 'hello' to the Keeper cup and the Moon Cup!

The Moon Cup (left) and the Keeper cup (right) are both FDA-approved alternative to tampons.  I received both of these products free of charge in exchange for this honest review.

The Keeper (and it's brother, the Moon Cup) comes in two sizes:  Style A, for After childbirth, and Style B, for Before childbirth or women who have had c-sections.  I chose size A due to the child that evacuated my body through the area this cup would be sitting.  My Keeper and Moon Cup arrived at my home in a simple envelope.  To minimize waste, the cups come with nothing more than a small cloth bag and a sheet of detailed instructions printed on recycled paper.  There were certainly no frills involved, but the cups arrived unharmed with little to be thrown away.

The differences between the Keeper and the Keeper Moon Cup
The Keeper is a reusable menstrual cup made of natural gum rubber, AKA latex.  It has been around since 1986.  It's brother, the Moon Cup (not to be confused with the MoonCup UK) is made of medical-grade silicone.  Most women can use either model, but women with latex sensitivities should use the Moon Cup while women with silicone sensitivities should use the Keeper.  The Moon Cup is a relatively new product.  Both are made in the USA, and are FDA approved in the US.  They share the same design, and there are no visible differences between the two other than the color.

The Keeper cup (size A) is about 54mm long without the stem and 44 mm across at the opening.  It's similar in width and volume to other cups I have tried, but the stem is exceptionally longer than anything else I have seen.  This is great for anyone who has a high cervix or likes a little extra length.  If the stem makes it impossible or very uncomfortable for you to use your menstrual cup, you may trim it.  The manufacturer recommends leaving as much of the stem intact as possible, as it is essential for removing the cup.  The stem and outside of the cup are very smooth.  This means it may be a little bit more difficult for the user to grip the cup and pull it out, but there are also no bumps and lumps to irritate the sensive vaginal walls.  Personally, I have no trouble removing the cup despite the smooth walls, as long as I bear down a bit to bring the cup lower. 

The rim of the Keeper cup is firm compared to other cups I have tried.  The Moon Cup is slightly softer, but still firmer than other cups.  This is great for someone with strong pelvic muscles or someone who likes a cup that is easy to 'pop' open.  It does take a little more practice to get the folds down than it would with a softer cup, but it's still easy-peasy after a few tries.  Unlike some other cups I have tried, I never had any difficulty getting the Keeper or Moon Cup to open up, even when using the punch-down fold.  The stiffness did not cause me any discomfort, and I find it aids in removing the cup because grasping the cup causes the seal to break instead of the cup to only fold where you grab it.

Unlike some other menstrual cup manufacturers, the makers of the Keeper do NOT recommend boiling your cup to sterilize it.  This may cause unnecessary wear and tear to your cup, shortening it's lifespan.  The Keeper does not need to be washed in such high temperatures to come clean.  Similarly, there is no need to put your cup through the dishwasher or use harsh chemicals to clean it.  A quick wash with a gentle, scent-free soap was always enough to keep my squeaky clean.

One thing I want to point out about the Keeper is that because of the dark-colored latex, I did not notice it to discolor or stain as much as it's Moon Cup brother.  Staining and discoloration doesn't bother me one little bit, but this is absolutely a plus for any women who get a little squeamish looking as a stained cup.  It looks prettier sitting in your cabinet.

Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of my cups.  Neither of them were difficult to insert, use or clean.  They feel sturdy enough to hold up a long time but not sturdy enough to be uncomfortable.  They directions that come with the cups are easy to follow, even for a beginner.  The Keeper or Moon Cup might be YOUR perfect cup if you like the smooth outside and stem, like a firmer cup, want something that has been around quite a while, and like the option between silicone and latex.  To buy your own Keeper or Moon Cup for 35$ plus 3$ shipping, simply visit their website HERE.  The website also has a ton of information about their products, including in-depth care instructions and a section on why you should use cups instead of disposable products.

Do you want to win your own Keeper or Moon Cup and find the menstrual cup love?  The makers of the Keeper cup and Moon Cup have very generously agreed to sponsor a giveaway for not one, but TWO cups!  That's right, that means TWO winners of one cup each, no purchase necessary!  Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and living in the USA is eligible to enter.  Simply use the Rafflecopter form below, and come back next Monday for another post about menstrual cups! ( Ends 11:59 CST on 9/02)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Maggie Bags Giveaway!

Welcome to the Maggie Bags GIVEAWAY
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Maggie Bags truly gives the saying, 'One person's trash is another one's treasure' a whole new meaning! How? By creating fashionable yet functional handbags and purses made out of rejected automotive seat belt webbing !

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Hazelwood and Baltic Amber Necklace Giveaway!

Baltic Amber and Hazelwood Teething Necklace Giveaway!

Sponsored by Spark of Amber

Hosted by More Than Mommy

Baltic Amber has long been used as a natural pain and inflammation reliever, which makes it perfect for teething babies! Hazelwood also has many uses, including:  eczema, heartburn, morning sickness, acid reflux, headaches, heartburn, and arthritis. 

Mommies all over are preaching the benefits of baltic amber and hazelwood teething necklaces.  Are you wondering what all the hype is about?  You can enter to win your own necklace and find out for yourself!

You can read a complete review by More Than Mommy HERE

One lucky winner is going to receive a Baltic Amber and Hazelwood necklace (child or youth size)! Simply enter on the rafflecopter below! 

*I received a product in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own, and yours may differ. More Than Mommy and Blogs from a Single Mom is not responsible for prize shipment. This promotion is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest in any way. The winner will be given 48 hours to claim their prize, or another winner will be chosen. Entries will be verified.

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Pretty Mommies Giveaway!

Pretty Mommies is the #1 physician recommended maternity skin care line on the market.
Pretty Mommies Mom and Baby
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Pretty Mommies Products
There are lots of new things happening at Pretty Mommies. If you're a Zulily fan then you might have noticed them pop up there this past week! Not only are they now reaching their target audience online, you might also see Pretty Mommies in your OBGYN's or Midwifes office. And if you're in China - you can now get Pretty Mommies there, too!
Pretty Mommies Girl
Pretty Mommies feels so deeply about educating women on the importance of safe maternity skin care that they've created a campaign on to raise awareness of this important issue. You'll also soon find them offering up educational resources on and they support an open forum for Q&A for anyone who has questions about skin care during pregnancy, nursing - or just in general.
To celebrate all these new and exciting events (and their newly redesigned website) Pretty Mommies has partnered with the Blogging Mamas Network to answer your questions about safe skin care and giveaway LOTS of Pretty Mommies products!
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Blings and Thing Blogger Opp!

Welcome to the Blings and Things Summer Giveaway Hosted by Extreme Saving Moms

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Menstrual Cupapalooza! Frequently Asked Questions about Menstrual Cups

Welcome to my Menstrual Cupapalooza!  This is the first post in my series all about menstrual cups.  Here, I'll answer all the frequently and not so frequently asked questions about menstrual cups.  Stay tuned to learn even more about menstrual cups, read some reviews, and even enter in some giveaways later in the month!

Warning:  Every post in this series is going to talk about cups, periods, blood and vaginas.  While there are no graphic, vulgar or 'unsafe for work' pictures, I do clearly talk about all of the things mentioned above.  If this makes you uncomfortable, you may not want to read this series.

EW!  Cups are disgusting!  That's gross, unsanitary, weird, etc.
First of all, that isn't a question.  Second, yes.  Cups are gross.  Everything about bleeding from a uterus is gross.  Periods aren't fun.  But cups are no more gross than pads or tampons.  At least if you are using a cup, you clean it yourself so you KNOW that they are clean, unlike tampons and disposable pads.

Do cups cause discomfort?
In most cases, no, a cup will not cause the wearer discomfort.  The first few times you wear your cup, you may have a slight ‘awareness’ of your cup, but this should go away with time, usually during the first time you wear it.  If you are experiencing discomfort when using your cup, you should check to see if your cup has been able to expand fully.  A cup that has not completely opened might feel strange and can’t function properly.  If you are still experiencing discomfort and your cup has opened completely, you should try to identify the cause of the discomfort.  Is the stem too long?  If so, you can trim it to your comfort level.  If the cup itself is too long, you may want to try a shorter cup or try turning the cup inside out.  You also might try pushing the cup up slightly or pulling it down slightly.  If you are using a disposable cup, you might want to try a reusable cup instead.

Why doesn’t the cup fall out?
That depends on what kind of cup you have.  The Softcup is held in place by your vaginal walls and pubic bone.  A traditional menstrual cup is held in place by your vaginal walls also, but mainly by suction.  There are small holes under the rim of traditional menstrual cups, which pull up air to form a suction that holds your menstrual cup in place.

How do I know what cup is best for me?
The first step in knowing what cup you should buy is to know your body.  Do you have a high or low cervix?  You can tell by inserting a finger into your vagina while you are menstruating.  If you can easily reach your cervix, you have a low cervix.  If you cannot or can barely reach your cervix, it is high.  This is how you will determine how long of a cup you will need.  Next, you should look at your age and whether you have had children or not.  Generally, women over the age of 25-30 OR women who have had one or more children should use a larger sized menstrual cup.  Women under 25-30 and without children will generally use a smaller cup.  While these are general guidelines, there are exceptions.  If you are younger and childless but do not have strong pubic muscles, you may want a larger cup.  If you are older or have a child but are especially small with strong muscles, you may want a smaller cup.  The good news is, most women can use most cups.  If you do have a cup that is too big or small for you, don't be afraid to buy another is a different size.  There are so many to choose from, there is a cup out there for every women.  Do your research and try to find the best cup for you, don't just buy whatever cup you hear about first or the cheapest one.

How often do you have to empty the cup?  
How often you empty your cup will depend on the capacity of your cup and how heavy your flow is.  A small cup will need to be emptied much more often if you have a heavy flow.  The general rule is to not go more than 12 hours without emptying your cup.  The first few times you use your cup, check it about every four hours.  If your cup was not full, you can go longer next time.  If your cup begins to leak even though it was inserted properly, it was probably too full and you should empty it sooner next time.  You can expect to have to empty your cup more often when you flow is heavy and less often as your period progresses and your flow lightens.  Personally, I never have to empty my cup more than twice a day.  Once in the morning, and once at night.

What if I have to empty my cup in public?
 Because most women are able to wear their cups for much longer than a tampon, it's unlikely you will have to empty your cup in public.  Just empty your cup before you leave your house.  However, if you do find yourself needing to empty your cup in a public restroom, don't worry.  It's very easy.  Remove your cup and dump the contents into the toilet as usual.  Instead of washing you cup in the sink, you can either use a moist wipe intended for bathroom use or menstrual cups, or you can use toilet paper to wipe your cup clean.  Another option is to carry a small bottle of water with you and use it to rinse your cup over the toilet.  Some women choose to use disposable cups when they are out of the house instead.

How do I clean the cup/ the holes?
If your cup is disposable, there is no reason to clean your cup.  Just dump the contents into the toilet and throw it away.  If you are using a reusable menstrual cup, the cleaning process is quick and easy.  Remove your menstrual cup and dump the contents into the toilet.  If you are home or have easy access to a sink, take your cup to the sink and give it a rinse and a wash with a gentle unscented soap or a soap made for menstrual cups.  To clean the holes, you can simply stretch the holes slightly and allow clean water to run through them, or you can fill the cup with water and hold your hand over the opening while squeezing the cup until water shoots out of the holes.  When you cup is clean, simply rinse it and reinsert it.

What about staining?
Your cup may stain.  It’s normal. Some women find their cup never stains or fades, but some do.  A colored cup may help disguise staining if it really bothers you, or you can try putting your cup in the sun for a while to fade stains.  Some manufactures of silicone cups may allow the use of 3% peroxide to remove stains from cups; always check with your cup’s manufacturer before using peroxide on your cup. I don’t worry about stains.  They’re just that; stains.  Stains don’t mean your cup is dirty.  

How long do resusable cups last?
‘Traditional’ menstrual cups, like the Divacup, Lunette or Keeper may last for 10 years if they are properly cared for.  You may want to replace them more frequently, but many people find they will last for years and years.  Some menstrual cups, like the FemmyCycle, recommend replacing your cup every year.  The ‘reusable’ Softcup can only be used for one cycle before it should be replaced.

Can you have sex with the cup in?
If you are using the disposable or ‘reusable’  Instead Softcup, then the answer is yes!  The Softcup is made of a very thin material and sits in the body in such a way that does allow you to have sex with it in.  If you are using any other reusable menstrual cup, you cannot have sex with it in place.  No matter what menstrual cup you are using, NEVER use it as a birth control method.

Why do some women have more than one cup?
There are many reasons a woman may choose to have more than one menstrual cup.  Some women will find that their cervix sits high during one part of their period and low during another.  They might want to have a longer cup for days when their cervix is high, and a shorter cup for days when their cervix is low.  Some women might also want a cup with a higher capacity for heavier days.  Having more than one cup may make some women more comfortable with emptying their cup in public, because they can put in a clean cup and tuck the dirty cup away to clean at home.  A firmer cup may be more comfortable for some times and activities, while a softer cup might be more comfortable for night time.  Another reason some menstrual cup enthusiasts may chose to have more than one cup is to support the companies who make them.  Making menstrual cups is not a highly profitable business.  Most women will only buy one cup every several (up to 10 in some cases) years.  This does not make for a company that turns out a lot of product.   Collecting many cups over time helps keep these businesses going.  It is important to remember that while some women may choose to have two or more cups, MOST (I don’t dare say ‘all’, although I really lean towards that word) women do NOT need more than one menstrual cup at a time to make the switch from tampons to a cup.

At what age can a child or teenager start using a menstrual cup?
There is no specific age that a child can start using a menstrual cup during her period.  If your child has an interest in using cups or you would like her to use cups, I suggest sitting down with her and talking to her about it.  A very small cup like the Small MeLuna Mini might be a good choice for young girls.  Show her how to fold it (a small fold like the punch down fold might be a good choice) and educate her on how it is used and cleaned.  If your daughter, or the child in question, is uncomfortable using the cup, put it away and try again in a few months or years.  Some girls will get the hang of a cup much younger than others.  As a general rule, if the child is not responsible enough to remove the cup every 12 hours or sooner, clean the cup and keep track of it, then she should not be using a cup.  Cloth pads are a good alternative for girls who are not responsible enough or too small for cups.

Do you still have a question that has gone unanswered?  Ask in the comments!
Stay tuned for the next Menstrual Cupapalooza post next Monday!  We have some fun reviews and giveaways headed your way.