Monday, August 19, 2013

Menstrual Cupapalooza! Review of the Keeper and Moon Cup (GIVEAWAY!)

Welcome back to the Menstrual Cupapalooza!  Don't forget to read the first post in this series all about menstrual cups, the FAQ post.

Say 'hello' to the Keeper cup and the Moon Cup!

The Moon Cup (left) and the Keeper cup (right) are both FDA-approved alternative to tampons.  I received both of these products free of charge in exchange for this honest review.

The Keeper (and it's brother, the Moon Cup) comes in two sizes:  Style A, for After childbirth, and Style B, for Before childbirth or women who have had c-sections.  I chose size A due to the child that evacuated my body through the area this cup would be sitting.  My Keeper and Moon Cup arrived at my home in a simple envelope.  To minimize waste, the cups come with nothing more than a small cloth bag and a sheet of detailed instructions printed on recycled paper.  There were certainly no frills involved, but the cups arrived unharmed with little to be thrown away.

The differences between the Keeper and the Keeper Moon Cup
The Keeper is a reusable menstrual cup made of natural gum rubber, AKA latex.  It has been around since 1986.  It's brother, the Moon Cup (not to be confused with the MoonCup UK) is made of medical-grade silicone.  Most women can use either model, but women with latex sensitivities should use the Moon Cup while women with silicone sensitivities should use the Keeper.  The Moon Cup is a relatively new product.  Both are made in the USA, and are FDA approved in the US.  They share the same design, and there are no visible differences between the two other than the color.

The Keeper cup (size A) is about 54mm long without the stem and 44 mm across at the opening.  It's similar in width and volume to other cups I have tried, but the stem is exceptionally longer than anything else I have seen.  This is great for anyone who has a high cervix or likes a little extra length.  If the stem makes it impossible or very uncomfortable for you to use your menstrual cup, you may trim it.  The manufacturer recommends leaving as much of the stem intact as possible, as it is essential for removing the cup.  The stem and outside of the cup are very smooth.  This means it may be a little bit more difficult for the user to grip the cup and pull it out, but there are also no bumps and lumps to irritate the sensive vaginal walls.  Personally, I have no trouble removing the cup despite the smooth walls, as long as I bear down a bit to bring the cup lower. 

The rim of the Keeper cup is firm compared to other cups I have tried.  The Moon Cup is slightly softer, but still firmer than other cups.  This is great for someone with strong pelvic muscles or someone who likes a cup that is easy to 'pop' open.  It does take a little more practice to get the folds down than it would with a softer cup, but it's still easy-peasy after a few tries.  Unlike some other cups I have tried, I never had any difficulty getting the Keeper or Moon Cup to open up, even when using the punch-down fold.  The stiffness did not cause me any discomfort, and I find it aids in removing the cup because grasping the cup causes the seal to break instead of the cup to only fold where you grab it.

Unlike some other menstrual cup manufacturers, the makers of the Keeper do NOT recommend boiling your cup to sterilize it.  This may cause unnecessary wear and tear to your cup, shortening it's lifespan.  The Keeper does not need to be washed in such high temperatures to come clean.  Similarly, there is no need to put your cup through the dishwasher or use harsh chemicals to clean it.  A quick wash with a gentle, scent-free soap was always enough to keep my squeaky clean.

One thing I want to point out about the Keeper is that because of the dark-colored latex, I did not notice it to discolor or stain as much as it's Moon Cup brother.  Staining and discoloration doesn't bother me one little bit, but this is absolutely a plus for any women who get a little squeamish looking as a stained cup.  It looks prettier sitting in your cabinet.

Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of my cups.  Neither of them were difficult to insert, use or clean.  They feel sturdy enough to hold up a long time but not sturdy enough to be uncomfortable.  They directions that come with the cups are easy to follow, even for a beginner.  The Keeper or Moon Cup might be YOUR perfect cup if you like the smooth outside and stem, like a firmer cup, want something that has been around quite a while, and like the option between silicone and latex.  To buy your own Keeper or Moon Cup for 35$ plus 3$ shipping, simply visit their website HERE.  The website also has a ton of information about their products, including in-depth care instructions and a section on why you should use cups instead of disposable products.

Do you want to win your own Keeper or Moon Cup and find the menstrual cup love?  The makers of the Keeper cup and Moon Cup have very generously agreed to sponsor a giveaway for not one, but TWO cups!  That's right, that means TWO winners of one cup each, no purchase necessary!  Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and living in the USA is eligible to enter.  Simply use the Rafflecopter form below, and come back next Monday for another post about menstrual cups! ( Ends 11:59 CST on 9/02)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. i picked up soft cups to start using before i got pregnant but wanted one of these instead. I also want to get minky pad liners but i dont ave to worry about my period for a while since im pregoo and will be breast feeding.

    1. These are very different from the softcups, but they're both great, chemical-free and in my opinion much better than tampons. I'll be doing a review of the softcups later in the series!

  2. I have been using a Diva Cup. I am thinking about getting another to try too. Maybe I will try one of these!

  3. I have never tried a cup but would love to!

    1. They really are life changing! I think every women should try them.

  4. I made the switch after winning a lunette and I am NEVER going back to disposable products! (I always think of the Taylor Swift song We are never getting back together ;) ha yep) I expected the switch to be much more difficult than it actually was. My first cycle I used it WHILE TENT CAMPING! I promised myself I would give it 3 full cycles after reading lots of reviews and watching Dirty Diaper Laundry's cup video but I was won over during my first cycle. I would love to try out a different cup just to see if I liked something else more or not. I was afraid to make the switch due to the initial cost and not knowing if I would like it so I am wicked thankful I was blessed by winning one! Even if I don't win I will be so excited for those that do who have never tried a cup before because for me it has been life changing!

  5. Just wanted to add my 2 cents in regards to ordering from The Keeper Inc., company. I tried twice to order the Moon Cup, both times my order was put "on hold" only to disappear from the system entirely after a few days. I emailed the company twice attempting to alert them to an issue in their system (it happens). Received no response until I posted three times on their fb wall (which they promptly deleted) and four direct tweets. No explanation, no apologies, just one line email stating there was no order in their system under my name (well DUH that's why I emailed you in the first place!) Even after I sent another email with screen shots of my previous order, their only response was that it's a glitch and that I should order from one of their distributors. Disappointing to say the least. For a company who claims to be "for women," they don't treat them very well. I will be looking into another brand to try.