Monday, October 14, 2013

Menstrual Cupapalooza! Review of the Lunette

Welcome back to my Menstrual Cupapalooza.! This will be the last post in this series.  Thank you for your loyalty, your comments, and for being a fan!  Stick around, because I'll be bringing you many more reviews and giveaways in the future.

Now, lets get back to business.  Look!  Lunette! 
The Lunette is one of the biggest menstrual cup names in North America, the other being the Diva cup.  The Lunette is made in Findland with medical grade silicone, is FDA approved, and comes is several fun colors.  

I was sent a Lunette size 2 in the color Aine for review.   Unlike most brands, Lunette does not determine which cup size someone should buy based off age or whether the woman has had a pregnancy.  Instead, the Lunette suggests factors such as cervical height, heaviness of flow during your period, virginity and level of physical activity be taken into account as well as age and pregnancy.  The size 2 cup is about 46mm in diameter and about 52 mm long.  The size 1 is shorter, smaller, more bell-shaped and slightly softer than the larger cup.

The number one feature of the Lunette that I feel is superior to most other cups is the stem.  Unlike most other cups, the Lunette stem is flat and is NOT hollow.  This is especially wonderful for those of us who like to turn the cup inside out during days when your cervix is low.  With a hollow stem, fluid collects inside the hole and is difficult to remove.  This is no problem with the Lunette!  The Lunette website mentions that the flat stem is more comfortable  Though I have not noticed a difference in the feel of the flat stem vs. the hollow stem, I still feel the flat stem is a more cleanly option.

The Lunette (size 2)  is a little stiffer than what I'd consider 'neutral'.  It had a good bit of spring, but is still fairly easy to fold and insert.  It's much less stiff than my Keeper cup, but still a good bit stiffer than my Ladycup.  It might be the perfect middle of the road cup for someone who wants a cup that they know will unfold without much or any coaxing, but can still be easily folded a variety of ways. 
Another feature of the Lunette that I consider a distinct advantage over some other cups is the variety of opaque colors the cups are available in.  Not only do the colors make the cups a little more 'fun', but the opaqueness of the colors makes staining much less obvious.  I don't care much about staining, but this is a worry for many women.  With the bright colors of the a Lunette, you won't pay a bit of attention to stains! 
Overall, I do find that the Lunette cup has many features that some women will find are better than the features of other cups.  It functions well (Ive never had a leak with any properly inserted cup) and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a menstrual cup with a little stiffness and a good volume.

 A big 'thank you' to Lunette, who provided this product to me free of charge for me to review for you.  I was not compensated for this review.


  1. I'm torn between the Lunette and the Diva. Although, I secretly hope I won't need one soon ;)

  2. I have a diva cup, but have never used it, as I got pregnant right after buying it and have not had my period return yet. Thanks so much for sharing. I am weirdly excited to try these out!

  3. I have used a Diva cup for at least six years now. I have also had a Lunette cup for about a year. I like them both about equally though I do love that the Lunette is colored so that discoloration doesn't show up. I will never go back to tampons again.

  4. Now I'm torn as to which one to buy. I like the lunette colors but I was going to order a diva cup. Good thing I'm nursing and don't have to decide right away!

  5. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!!! I started with a Diva cup size 2 and it was just too big for me. It worked, but was pretty uncomfortable most of the time. I am 43, have 4 kids. 3 by C-section one vaginal birth (ages 21,19,16,11) and found the size one Lunette to be my perfect cup. It is much shorter and with the stem cup completely off, I can't feel it at all!! It also did not leak at all. Do not be afraid to go with the smaller cup even if you are like me, old with 4 kids! :) Every other company says go with the bigger cup because of my age and kids... Thank you Lunette! I wish I would have known about the cup 20 years ago! I could sell these things because I tell every woman who still gets a period about them!