Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little Be Co. Cloth Diaper Review!

The Little Bee Company is a company with a mission.  Their mission is to Bee Changed and to Change the World.  What does that mean?

The Little Bee company is a for-profit organization that is helping babies in need, one diaper at a time.  For every diaper you purchase, a matching diaper is DONATED to a baby in need!

I was sent a Bee Changed Bamboo Pocket OS diaper by the Little Bee Co, free of charge to review for you!  This diaper is a pocket style diaper with a bamboo fleece inner and adjusts to three different rise settings.  There is elastic in both the back of the diaper, and the front.  Front elastic is great for older kids who like to sleep on their tummy, since it helps prevent leaks out of the top of the diaper.  Two micro-fiber inserts are included.  One is your typical straight, rectangular insert. The other is a curved insert.

The care instructions for the inserts and diaper include hang or tumble drying and avoiding fabric softeners and bleach.

 The inner of the diaper is shown here next to the curved insert.

 The diaper here is fully unsnapped, showing it's length at the largest setting.

The Little Bee Co diaper has crossover tabs for a better fit on small babies.

The inside of the diaper started off amazingly soft and has continued to be pretty soft, even after quite a few washes.  This one my go-to diaper when my daughter has a rash, because the natural fibers are more gentle on sore body parts.

My daughter's diapers seem to fit her better when they have a lower rise, so my 17 month old is wearing her diaper here on he smallest rise setting.  She's right between settings and is almost ready to move up to the middle rise setting.

The one thing I've found with my Little Bee Co diaper is that the tabs don't seem to be long enough for my daughter.  At 17 months old, she's already on the second to last setting!  This might have a little when I move the rise up a setting, but at this point is a little disappointing to think that she might outgrow this diaper so soon.  She wears all of her other OS diapers on the second smallest or middle settings.

Performance wise, my Little Bee Co diaper is working very well.  The inserts are plenty absorbent and the diapers fit well and don't seem to leak.  They also come in a ton of cute prints!

You can buy your own Little Be Co. diaper HERE, and help support babies in need.

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